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Tips for Swim Safety

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we recognize the importance of pool and water safety. Check out our top tips to help your family – including pets! - swim safe all summer long.

Secure your pool

Before opening your pool, make sure you’ve taken the proper safety measures to secure it. Consider installing fencing around the pool if children and pets will be present. You can also use alarm systems to alert you if anyone is entering the pool area. Additionally, make sure your pool equipment is secured, keeping all chemicals and gear locked and away from children. 

Supervise your swimmers

No one should swim alone. Always make sure an adult is present when children or pets are swimming. Teach children proper pool safety and enroll your children in swimming lessons as young as possible. When hosting gatherings, never assume parents are watching their own children, and keep a close eye on guest’s swimming abilities. It’s also important to have rescue equipment, such as a shepherd’s hook or life preserver, near the pool at all times.

Set pool rules 

Especially with children, it is important to set ground rules for swimmers. Consider rules like no running, diving in shallow areas or swimming alone. Keep all drain covers up to VGB standards and teach children to avoid them. Have children remove their toys and floaties after swimming to ensure there is always a clear view of the water.

Check your water 

It is recommended to test your pool’s water at least twice a week for proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration. If not used properly, pool chemicals can be dangerous and can result in eye and skin irritations. It’s also important to always remove any chlorine tab feeders and in-pool vacuums before entering the pool. When you’re done swimming, rinse off yourself, children and pets to remove chlorine and other pool chemicals. 

Swimming pools are great for having fun with family and friends, and by following these simple tips, everyone stays safe! To learn more pool safety tips from Anthony & Sylvan, check out the videos below. 

Pool Safety Tips – Designate and Adult

Pool Safety Tips- Pool Safety Kit

Pool Safety Tips – Entering a Pool

Pool Safety Tips – 10 Seconds to Safer Swimming


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