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Swim Spas

Relaxation and fitness year-round

A swim spa is a swimming pool and hot tub in one - which makes it the perfect choice for small backyards where space may not be available for a pool and separate spa. 

Scroll to learn more about swim spas and see examples of swim spas built by Anthony & Sylvan.

About Swim Spas

How Swim Spas Work

Swim spas typically have the same hot-water jetted system and seating arrangement of a hot tub, but are closer in size to a small swimming pool. Swim spas use their powerful jets to create a current for relaxation or exercise, enabling you to swim in a surprisingly small area. Because they are heated, swim spas can be enjoyed year-round.

FASTLANE® Swim Current Generator

If you prefer a more traditionally sized swimming pool but want the benefits of a swim spa, adding a FASTLANE® swim current generator is a great option. The FASTLANE® creates a current in your pool with an adjustable flow, so you can exercise or enjoy a lazy river. The stream is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough for others to enjoy the pool while you swim.

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