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Pool Pumps & Filters

Pool pumps and filters help you maintain the condition of your pool by removing dirt and debris. Mineral systems can also be added to further clean and sanitize your pool water.

Pool Pumps, Filters & Mineral Systems

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps provide the necessary force to circulate your pool water, which helps keep your pool from becoming murky, dirty, or green. An in-ground pool pump works by pulling the pool water through a filter, removing dirt and debris, sanitizing the water, and then pushing the water back into the pool.

Determining what type of pool pump to purchase varies with the size of the pool and the number of features you desire. In order to maintain clear and clean pool water, it is important to purchase a pump that is equipped to circulate the volume of water your pool holds.

Pool Filters

Swimming pool filter systems are designed to keep your pool water clean and clear. Filters remove dirt, leaves and other debris from the water including bacteria and other microorganisms – all of which can be introduced to the pool water by swimmers or by wind and rain if your pool does not have a screen enclosure.

Mineral Systems

Mineral purification systems work with your existing pumps and filters to make your pool water easier to maintain and more enjoyable. Mineral systems work by using mineral-bed technology to destroy harmful bacteria. This innovative process improves the look, feel and smell of your pool and will leave your water cleaner and feeling softer. They require no maintenance, until it is time to replace the cartridge.

Anthony & Sylvan offers two types of mineral purification systems: the Nature2 Fusion and the Fusion Soft.

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