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Building an Inground Pool

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Owning a pool will transform your backyard, but more importantly, enhance your life, your relationships and your health. Discover the materials, shapes and styles, features and financing options available for your new inground pool.

If you are ready to jump in, the experts at Anthony & Sylvan would love to help guide you through the pool-design and building process.


At Anthony & Sylvan, we specialize in building custom concrete inground pools, which are covered by our lifetime warranty. Fiberglass is also available in select markets.

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Build FAQs

What factors affect the cost of building a pool?

The cost of pool construction depends on various factors, such as pool size, design complexity, chosen materials, additional features (e.g., water features, lighting), and site conditions. We provide detailed and transparent cost estimates tailored to your preferences and needs. Prices can also vary depending on where you live.

Can you help with pool design, or do I need to have a design in mind before contacting you?

Our experienced pool designers will create your custom pool design during your first meeting. Whether you have a vision in mind or are starting from scratch, we'll work closely with you to bring your ideal pool to life.

Can you integrate special features into the pool design, such as waterfalls or built-in spas?

Yes, we specialize in creating custom pool designs that can include various features like waterfalls, spas, in-pool seating and more. We'll discuss your preferences during the design phase to incorporate the elements that best suit your backyard vision!

What permits are required for building a pool and do you handle the permitting process?

We take care of obtaining all necessary permits for your pool-construction project. The specific permits required vary by location, but we ensure compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

Are there any maintenance requirements for the pool after construction is complete?

All swimming pools do require ongoing maintenance – from regular cleaning, to salt or chlorine treatments, to seasonal opening and closing. Many pool owners choose to service the pool themselves, while others prefer to hire a service to regularly keep up their pool. We provide our clients with comprehensive maintenance guidelines and tips upon completion of their pool. 

Is financing available for pool construction projects?

Yes. Anthony & Sylvan partners with three lenders who offer financing on new pools. The process is easy. Select which partner makes the most sense for you and you can apply for financing in just a few minutes.

Do you offer a warranty on the pools you build?

Yes, you will rest (and swim) easy knowing your new pool or spa is protected by Anthony & Sylvan’s lifetime warranty.

What does your warranty cover?

Your investment in an Anthony & Sylvan concrete pool or spa includes a Lifetime Structural Warranty, which lasts for as long as you own your concrete pool. If you decide to install a fiberglass pool, all warranties are provided by the manufacturer. So whether your choice is concrete or fiberglass, you can relax and enjoy pool ownership knowing your pool is protected for as long as you own it.