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Swimming pool coping is the material that surrounds the top edge of the pool. Pool coping protects the pool shell and brings the swimming pool level with the pool deck. Coping also adds a decorative touch to your pool perimeter, and can keep your pool or spa cool to the touch and safe for individuals getting in or out. 

Whether you are designing your new pool or renovating the coping on an existing pool, our team is available to answer any questions you have about pool coping.

Pool Coping Options


Brick coping offers a classic look, is easy to maintain and is cost-effective. In addition to being incredibly durable, the beautiful clay color doesn’t fade and is easy to clean. Brick coping comes in a bullnose finish, which is when the coping edges are rounded off to provide a smooth finish with the pool and the pool deck.


Cantilever concrete is able to be poured and molded into any shape or design, which allows for extreme customization around the perimeter of your pool. Concrete is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and the most cost-effective option when it comes to pool coping.


Stone pool coping involves the use of natural stone, such as limestone, travertine, granite, bluestone or fieldstone - with a variety of colors and textures available. The stone surface is durable and easy to clean. The use of stone pool coping can make your swimming pool look like a natural part of your backyard.

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