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Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool season is upon us – the fun, the sun, the outdoor exercise. A swimming pool is a place for family and friends to gather, but it’s important to remember proper pool safety in and around the pool. Anthony & Sylvan Pools has a few tips to help everyone – including pets – stay safe this summer.

Check off your pre-swim steps.

Safety starts with the pool-opening process. Remember to check the stability of any pool fences, decks, chairs, fixtures (including pool ladders, railings, diving boards, etc.) and pool maintenance equipment. Install a safety fence if small children or pets will be present and use appropriate pool or spa covers when not in use.

Be prepared.

Set rules in place for all pool users to follow, including no running or diving in shallow areas. Ensure all drain covers are up to VGB standards and teach children to avoid them. It’s also a good idea to learn CPR for adults, children and pets.

Practice chemical and water safety.

Pool chemicals can be dangerous, if used improperly. To avoid skin and eye irritation, ensure proper chemical balance by testing the water twice a week. Remove any chlorine tab feeders and in-pool vacuums before using the pool.

Supervise young swimmers.

Adult supervision when children (and pets) are in or near the water is a must. Teach kids proper pool-safety rules, including the ones listed above, and enroll new swimmers in lessons. Use floaties or life vests as needed. Always notify any babysitters of proper pool supervision and safety rules.

Pool safety for pets.

  • Teach your pet to swim and always put your pet in a lifejacket.
  • Install a pet-safe ladder to help them get in and out of the pool.
  • Know pet CPR and signs of heatstroke, which can happen even in the water.
  • Provide lots of drinking water so your pet isn’t tempted to drink pool water.
  • Always rinse your pet off after they’ve been in the pool, to remove chemicals from their fur and skin.


“Pools are fun for the whole family – adults, children and pets,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “Pool safety is crucial when it comes to enjoying your pool to its fullest. By following just a few safety tips, you’ll be sure to keep this season fun and safe. Our pool specialists are always available to help you find and install the proper safety equipment. If you need assistance, our professionals can help you maximize proper pool safety.”

Safety is essential to get the most out of your pool. These important tips along with proper pool maintenance are a recipe for creating fun pool moments to be shared with everyone.

If you would like help getting your pool and pool equipment ready for the summer, contact your local Anthony & Sylvan team today. 

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