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Importance of Pool Renovations

Inground swimming pools can be the centerpiece to a home, but like everything, they require maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Anthony & Sylvan Pools recommends regular maintenance to make sure your pool gives you and your family a lifetime of fun.

Over time, changes in weather, water and chemicals – and constant use – may cause an inground swimming pool to get interior surface cracks and wear. Best practice is to renovate a pool every 8-15 years. 

Some common inground pool renovation projects include interior resurfacing, deck resurfacing, coping replacement and updating of old systems (pump, filter, plumbing). But, renovating a pool isn’t just about fixing issues; it can also be about updating the look or making the pool your own if it was already there when you purchased your home.

“We recommend that homeowners do yearly inspections on their pools by looking for cracks and breaks to ensure that any necessary renovations are caught before they become a problem,” said Sean McHugh, General Manager of Aftermarket at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “By the 15-year mark, we tell our customers to let one of our technicians visit and make sure everything is in good shape. Renovating a pool is like putting a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom; it provides a new look and feel at a relatively inexpensive cost, depending on the depth of the projects.”

Fifteen years is a long time for design trends to change and for new, improved enhancements to come to market. With the addition of water features, pool automation products, premium plaster, tile and coping, an existing pool’s look can be entirely changed to reveal an updated, modern backyard centerpiece. Plus, there are a host of new backyard options to create a true backyard living experience, including cabanas, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and even integrating a fire pit into the pool area.

Most inground pool renovations only take a few days and can even be timed while the homeowner is on summer vacation. Regular renovations will decrease the likelihood of a very expensive renovation or the need for a brand-new inground pool.

If you are interested in a pool renovation, request a free consultation today!

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