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Heating & Cooling Your Pool

Keep the temperature right year-round

In cooler weather, there’s nothing more relaxing than dipping into a heated pool or spa. And in the heat of summer, imagine taking a dip in a cool pool in your backyard. With the help of a digital or electric pool heater or pool chiller, you can ensure that your pool is the temperature you want for year-round enjoyment.

The team at Anthony & Sylvan can help you select the pool heater or pool chiller that will work best to meet your needs.

Pool Heaters

Digital pool and spa heaters use high-energy efficient systems, resulting in fast heat-up times and low long-term operating costs. They are designed to save space while working hard and blending quietly into your backyard environment.

Electric heat pumps utilize an environmentally safe, high-performance refrigerant to transfer the heat from the outside air to your pool. Installation is easy, since there are no gas lines to install or propane storage tanks to purchase.

Pool Chillers

If you are considering a small or shallow pool, adding a water chiller can help your new pool stay cool in the warmer months of the year. Water chillers simply reverse the process a heat pump uses to heat the pool so you can lower the temperature of the water.


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