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Selecting Saltwater or Chlorinated Water

Find out more about these water systems

An important decision when designing your new pool is whether to use salt or chlorine systems to properly clean and sanitize your new pool. Our design experts will review both methods so you can decide which is best for you.

Anthony & Sylvan also offers saltwater conversion for pool owners who want to convert their chlorinated pool to saltwater.

Chlorine & Saltwater Systems

Chlorine Pool Systems

This more traditional method disperses chlorine - a powerful chemical most commonly associated with killing any germs or pathogens in a pool - directly through a chlorinator or filter and is circulated through the water. Pool chlorinators offer an efficient and maintenance-free way to chlorinate your pool.

Salt Pool Systems

This method uses salt as a disinfectant and converts common salt into chlorine, which sanitizes the pool water by neutralizing bacteria and algae. Benefits of a salt system are that they are better if you or someone who is using the pool is sensitive to chlorine or you would like to limit the use of chemicals for environmental reasons. Other chemicals may still be required to maintain the proper acid-alkaline balance.

Saltwater Conversion

If you are ready to convert your chlorinated pool to saltwater, look no further than Anthony & Sylvan. Our team can quickly and efficiently transform your pool to saltwater. They will help you select the salt chlorine generator or chlorinator that works best for you and will take care of the installation and transformation of your pool’s water.

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