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Halloween Pool Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Halloween is many people’s favorite time of October, but what about the pool? This feature is often overlooked when it comes to decorating despite the many options you have to add to the spooky feeling of the season. Here are a few suggestions from us here at Anthony & Sylvan:

Floating Gore

Halloween Decorating

Channel all those slasher flicks you’ve been marathoning since the start of the month and make your pool look like something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Purchase some skeletons and some fake limbs from the costume store for a bloody addition to your Halloween party. Avoid the fake blood though, as it can alter the water chemistry of your pool!

Dry Ice

Halloween Decoration

Make your pool fog and bubble like a witch’s cauldron with dry ice. Sink buckets of dry ice on your pool steps or place them around the pool to get your whole backyard looking spooky. Don’t put the dry ice directly in your pool, as it can wreak havoc with the ph levels! Plus, you want to be able to swim. Throw in some fake eyeballs or even a dummy zombie to really scare your trick-or-treaters.

Floating Jack O’Lanterns

Halloween Decorations

Most of you probably didn’t realize that pumpkins float. You can place these gourds whole into your pool to add to your autumnal atmosphere, or carve them into creepy jack o’lanterns first! One thing to keep in mind when adding pumpkins to your pool. The side you carve out will end up being the lightest in weight, but to ensure that your pumpkin doesn’t roll over, fill with water, and sink, make sure to weight it. It’ll also help you either carve towards the top of the pumpkin, or count on it floating on its “back.”

Ethereal and Witchy

Halloween Decorations

If you’re aiming for a less kitschy approach to Halloween decorating, opt for a mystifying, ethereal look. Place dry ice in the pool or even fill it with bubbles to give your backyard an other-worldly appearance. Add lanterns around the edges, float candles in the water, and create decorations to hang from the trees. Try filling a water balloon and add a white glow stick. Place the balloon in a white stocking and hang it from some tree branches.


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