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Top 4 Scariest Pool Movie Scenes Ever Made

Your pool is the highlight of your backyard and your favorite place in the summer, but to some people it was the inspiration for some of Hollywood’s most frightening scenes. Here are four of our favorites:

Let the Right One In

Still from "Let the Right One In."

This Swedish film tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who befriends a vampire girl, Eli, when he realizes their natures are very similar. The boy, Oskar, bullied by other children at his school, is lured one day to the local swimming pool where he is cornered and held underwater. The bullies threaten to cut his eye out if he doesn’t hold his breath for three minutes, but the vampire intervenes, creating one of the most memorable pool scenes in horror movie history.

The shot focuses on the boy underwater, the hand of one of his tormentors gripping his hair. The scene is silent except for the noises Oskar can hear through the water — a muffled bang and a few thuds. Without any excessive build up, the severed head of one of the bullies sinks to the bottom of the pool behind Oskar. Finally, the hand gripping Oskar’s hair releases and falls into the water, without the rest of its body.

Watch the clip here.

Sinister (video tapes)

Still from the movie "Sinister."

Though not a major scene in the movie, the pool scene in the video tapes in Sinister packs a punch. This movie follows Ellison, a man who moves his family into a house that will hopefully serve as the basis for his new book. He hasn’t told them that an entire family was murdered there. While digging through the attic, he comes upon a box of what appear to be old family videos. The one labeled “Pool Party ‘66” is where we get our horrific pool scene.

In grainy 8 mm footage, Ellison watches a sunny, summer day when a family that lived in the house before them was tied to sun chairs, pushed into a pool, and drowned. The most terrifying aspect of these “home videos,” surprisingly, isn’t the family being drowned, it’s the reflection of the demonic figure reflected in the shining pool surface watching them drown.

Watch the clip here.


Still from the movie "Poltergeist."

This classic horror film centers on a family whose daughter is kidnapped by the ghosts of the cemetery the home was built on. These vengeful poltergeists, angry about their desecrated graves, attack the family relentlessly after taking the girl. During their last night in the house, the “Beast,” the demon leading the angry ghosts, comes for the mother, Diane, driving her into the backyard and their pool.

Submerged in the mixture of mud and water stirred up by the ghosts, Diane does her best to escape. The camera focuses on the struggling Diane and the rippling water as the skeletal corpses from the cemetery beneath them rise to the surface and attack.

Watch the clip here.


Still from the movie "Gremlins."

The fuzzy creatures with big ears and big eyes are the center of this 80s classic. Billy Peltzer receives one of these mogwai (monsters) as a Christmas gift from his father. He follows the rules taking care of his new friend, but makes a mistake that unleashes chaos on the town.

Sinks to the bottom of the book which glows with an eerie green light, and begins to bubble as if it’s boiling. The screeches that emerge from the pool are amplified by the fog that rolls from the water’s surface. The horror music builds and the audience realizes that screeches and cackling is multiplying, because as we all know, Gremlins multiply when they get wet.

Watch the clip here.

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