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Remodeling Your Charlotte Pool

Did you suffer pool damage in a recent hurricane or storm? Are you just ready to update your backyard pool? If you need to remodel your Charlotte pool, it’s time to contact Anthony and Sylvan for your free consultation.

When it comes to swimming pool renovations and remodels, Anthony and Sylvan is the top choice in North Carolina and beyond. Our experienced pool company, in business for over 75 years, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has won a myriad of top awards from Angie’s List, Houzz and others. Whether your pool is worn or outdated, aging or stained, Anthony and Sylvan can breathe new life into your backyard swimming pool in Charlotte.

Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Charlotte Pool

Has your pool seen better days? If you’ve noticed your pool has hairline cracks in the interior finish, leaks, discolored spots, or any other signs of visible deterioration, you may need to consider a swimming pool remodel.

If your pool interior surface feels a bit rougher than usual, you may need to resurface your pool to make it look brand new again.

Are you looking to save money with your ongoing inground pool maintenance? Upgrading your pool’s equipment to more energy efficient equipment will help you save funds in the long run.

Whatever the reason, the pool renovation and remodeling experts at Anthony and Sylvan Pools can help restore the pride in your pool – even if we didn’t build it. Our team can refurbish your pool, upgrade your decking, tile, coping, and equipment, and make your pool look brand new with our Charlotte pool remodeling services.

Benefits of Remodeling an Inground Pool

There are many different reasons why you will want to remodel your Charlotte pool.

Make Your Pool Easier to Maintain

Aside from just looking better, remodeling your pool will make it easier to maintain – and that means you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it. You’ll restore the pride in your pool and make it easier to take care of with today’s efficient equipment.

Make Your Pool Safer

Upgrading your pool also means making it safer. Adding better, more secure fencing, sturdy decking and more will all help keep everyone who uses the pool safe and sound.

Add More Options

As you remodel your pool, you can also consider adding different options, from tanning ledges to special LED lighting, that you may not have considered when you originally built your pool. Or, if you just purchased your home, maybe you want to add your own personal touches to your new backyard space. These enhancements not only make your pool more fun to use, but enhance safety as well.

Why Choose Anthony & Sylvan Pools to Remodel Your Charlotte Inground Pool

If you’re located in Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Belmont,or elsewhere in North Carolina, Anthony and Sylvan is the top-rated company for swimming pool remodels and new pool construction. Anthony and Sylvan’s expert team can evaluate your inground pool and make specific recommendations based on your needs. For example, while cracks can sometimes be purely cosmetic, other times there are underlying safety issues that need to be addressed.

Financing a Pool Remodel

t Anthony & Sylvan Pools also makes the remodeling process easy. We’ve partnered with some of the top financing lenders to bring you the best financing options available. You can choose one of our preferred partners for pool renovations to see what special financing offers and affordable monthly payments could be available to you!

Contact Us for a Free Pool Remodel Consultation in Charlotte

Does your Charlotte pool need some enhancement? Give your inground pool a new look and feel with Anthony and Sylvan. Learn more about our swimming pool renovations and arrange your free consultation by filling out the online form on our website. There’s no obligation; just meet with us and let us review your options so you have an updated pool by the time the next swim season rolls around. Contact us today.

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