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New Jersey Custom Pool Builders

When you build a pool, it will be the centerpiece of your New Jersey backyard, and the focus of many family gatherings, barbecues, summer parties and more. Building a New Jersey custom pool is a wonderful way to show your friends and family your unique style.

The New Jersey custom pool builders at Anthony and Sylvan can help create a custom inground pool for your backyard space. In addition to deciding on the shape and style, you can choose to add features like lighting, mosaics and tile, landscaping, waterfalls and much more to make your poolscape your own unique space and backyard oasis. Find your unique custom pool design with Anthony and Sylvan today.

Custom Pool Designs in New Jersey

The design team at Anthony and Sylvan creates pool designs that suit your lifestyle, home and personal style. There are many different types of custom pools available from our pool builders, including:

  • Modern Pool Design
  • Traditional Pool Design
  • Geometric Pool Design
  • Freeform Pool Design
  • Beach Entry Pool Design

Each type of design is curated to serve your backyard in the best way possible.

  • If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art design to match a modern house, you may be interested in a modern pool design.
  • If you want to emulate the natural seamless entry from the beach to the ocean, you may like a beach entry pool.
  • If you’re searching for a unique shape based on your backyard size, you may want a geometric or freeform pool design.

Whatever pool option you’re interested in, Anthony and Sylvan can help you design the pool of your dreams.

Custom Features for Your New Jersey Inground Pool

After you’ve decided on your custom pool design, you may want to incorporate your own custom features.

New Jersey Pool Decking Options

Our pool decking options can have a large impact on your pool’s outdoor space. We can mimic any decking that you’ve previously seen or create a completely custom decking option to suit your style.

Mosaics and Tiles for New Jersey Pools

Another customization option is to add pool tiles or mosaic inlays to the floor or walls of your inground pool design. Create simple patterns or colorful tile designs in your pool to make it uniquely your own. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Custom Pool Lighting for New Jersey Backyards

Our pool builders in New Jersey can also create a custom lighting display so your new inground pool can be seen at night. Creating a custom color palette or light pattern, our design consultants can build your dream pool – even at night.

Anthony and Sylvan: Top-Rated Custom Pool Builders in New Jersey

Anthony and Sylvan can help you design the perfect New Jersey custom pool for you and your family. Our experienced New Jersey design consultants will work with you every step of the way, from the initial free design consultation to the dig to the first splash as new pool owners.

If you’d like to stop by one of our New Jersey locations, we have offices in Manalapan and Fairfield. Each office is equipped to show you different pool types, customizations available and the purchasing process for your custom pool.

Design a Custom Pool in New Jersey

Call Anthony and Sylvan Pools, New Jersey custom pool builders, to start designing your custom concrete or fiberglass inground pool. Fill out our free consultation form online to get started designing and building your New Jersey custom pool today.

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