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Incorporate a Sun Shelf Into Your Pool Design

You’ve finally made the decision to treat your family to the fun and relaxation of a new inground pool. Now comes the hard part: deciding which features to include in your new pool design. One popular feature you may want to consider is a sun shelf, or “tanning ledge”.

Benefits of Adding a Sun Shelf to Your Inground Pool

A sun shelf is a raised flat area of your pool that provides shallow water where swimmers can rest, lounge, tan or keep cool. A sun shelf is also sometimes called a tanning ledge or shelf, a Baja shelf, or an Acapulco, Shamu or Cabo shelf.

While it may seem like a small feature to add to your new inground pool, a sun shelf has many different benefits, from helping you relax to giving special members of your family a place to feel safe while still enjoying the water. Read below to learn more about the benefits of a sun shelf or contact Anthony & Sylvan to add a sun shelf to your custom inground pool design.

Sun Shelfs Allow You to Fully Relax While Keeping Cool

People love to tan and soak up the sunshine, but as the sun beats down, you can become increasingly hot and uncomfortable. That’s why you need a sun shelf.

A sun shelf allows you to lounge and tan while keeping you partially in the water, so you can stay cool.

Depending on the size and shape of your sun shelf, you can take the relaxation factor up a notch, adding lounge chairs and even an umbrella.

Pets Can Lounge on a Sun Shelf

If you have pets who want to stay cool outside but don’t love to swim, then a sun shelf is a good place for them to rest and relax. Many dogs, like pugs, are not good swimmers, but still have thick coats that make it difficult for them to spend too much time out in the sun.

The addition of a sun shelf, however, allows them to keep their bodies wet without the stress of swimming, though they should always be monitored at all times. (To be extra safe, you may also want to put a life jacket on your pet.)

Children and Handicapped Individuals Can Enjoy the Pool From a Sun Shelf

A sun shelf allows pets, children, toddlers and even handicapped individuals – who may normally sit out the action inside – with a safe place to enjoy the water. While they may not be able to swim and dunk under the water, a sun shelf allows them to keep cool and splash around with the other members of your family.

It’s essential, however, that anyone who cannot safely swim wear floaties or a life jacket to ensure they are always safe in the water.

How Pool Shapes and Other Factors Affect Sun Shelf Design

Not every pool or backyard space is made for a sun shelf. When designing the sun shelf for your new backyard retreat, one of our experienced Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultants will consider a variety of factors, including pool shape.

Some pools can nicely accommodate a small sun shelf that is positioned in the shallow end of the pool. Some pools, however, are better suited to a platform-like sun shelf located in one corner of the pool. A larger platform provides more space to place chairs or can serve as an area for children to play while staying cool.

Whatever your needs, whatever the size and shape of your backyard or pool, our Design Consultants will help you come up the best solution.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan for a Customized Pool With a Sun Shelf

Anthony & Sylvan wants to help you incorporate a sun shelf into your pool design. Request a consultation with the pool design experts at Anthony & Sylvan or call us at 1-877-729-7946 to get started on your new pool design or pool renovation today.

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