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Help Your Swimming Pool Weather the Storm

DOYLESTOWN, PA – June 28, 2018 – The 2018 hurricane season is here, and CoreLogic estimates that seven million homes will be at risk of storm surge this year. Whether it’s a hurricane, tropical storm or even a severe thunderstorm, Mother Nature doesn’t overlook your swimming pool and neither should you. If last year’s hurricanes are any indication, you need to start including your pool in pre-storm preparations and post-storm cleanup. Not only will protecting your backyard oasis save time now, but it will save money and resources in the long run.

Tips for Helping Your Pool Before and After a Hurricane

Anthony & Sylvan Pools, the nation’s premier in-ground swimming pool and spa builder, offers some tips for protecting your pool before a hurricane and cleaning it up afterward:

Don’t store anything in your pool

Though it’s important to remove or tie down all patio furniture and toys from around the pool, don’t put any of them inside the pool. This can cause damage to the pool’s foundation.

Do turn off all electricity to the pool equipment

This is as simple as turning off the circuit breaker, but it will protect your yard and home from an electrical fire, should debris hit the equipment.

Don’t drain your pool

It might seem logical to drain your pool water, so it doesn’t overflow during the storm, but the water in your pool acts as a weight to keep the pool in place. If the pool is drained improperly or is empty when the storm comes in, the pool can pop – a costly event where a pool pops out of the ground.

After the storm, homeowners are always anxious to get their yards back into shape, but don’t be too hasty in the swimming pool cleanup:

Don’t drain the water from your pool

Many homeowners think the first step to cleaning out their pool post-storm is to drain it, but again, improper draining can make the pool pop. It’s imperative that you contact a certified swimming pool technician to help you decide whether the pool needs to be drained and, if so, to drain it properly.

Do carefully clean out the debris

Clean branches and other debris out of the swimming pool, but don’t forget drains, skimmers and pump baskets. Remember that safety is always first, so be careful while performing the cleanup. If any overhead wires have fallen in your pool, stay away and call 9-1-1 – do not try remove them yourself.

Do shock the pool

Storms can add contaminants to the water. You’ll want to shock it to clear the water of any algae and bacteria.

Do contact a certified swimming pool technician

If you notice any damage to the pool or equipment, if you can’t get your equipment running again or if the pool water isn’t clearing up, contact a professional to help you get your pool back in shape.

“A swimming pool is one of the biggest investments homeowners make, yet they often don’t think about the potentially damaging effects a big storm could cause, or what to do to prepare for one. We have an entire sector devoted to helping homeowners get their pools back in shape after a storm,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “People love using pools as a setting to bring their family together – we want to make sure their pools stay intact, so they can enjoy them for years to come.”

If a storm is brewing and your swimming pool is currently under construction, contact your pool builder to see what his or her plans are for preparing the area before, and for inspecting the area after.

Properly caring for your pool before and after a major storm may add a little more to your plate, but can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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