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Health Benefits of Pool Ownership On the Rise

Cleanliness and Accessibility Among Top Reasons to Consider Owning a Backyard Pool

DOYLESTOWN, PA (June 9, 2016) – From higher property value for homeowners to improved social status in the community, there is no doubt that owning a backyard swimming pool has its advantages. Yet more often than not, potential buyers overlook one of the most practical reasons to seriously consider pool ownership—it can improve your health.

A growing body of evidence suggests that having a pool at home can work wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing by providing an accessible, hygienic location to exercise and socialize with family and friends.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attests that swimming and other aquatic exercises provide a safe, low-impact way to keep fit. This is particularly important for demographics that may struggle to exercise, such as the elderly, the overweight, pregnant women and those suffering from chronic illnesses. The accessibility and ease-of-use of a backyard swimming pool is a crucial aspect in making frequent exercising a vital component of your lifestyle in the midst of a hectic schedule.

Pool ownership also affords a high level of control over sanitary conditions, which can range greatly depending on factors such as pool traffic, maintenance standards and swimmers’ adherence to codes of hygiene. Owning a backyard pool puts many of the decisions about maintenance and sanitation directly in your hands. Even small steps such as choosing your preferred water treatment methods can make a big difference. With a pool at home, you can rest easy while your friends and family swim.

Increased physical activity and improved hygiene levels are not the only aspects of health that improve with pool ownership. The relaxing environment created by an outdoor pool, and related opportunities to spend time with family and friends, can have positive impacts on mental health.

“Pool ownership not only transforms a homeowner’s property, but also drastically improves their health and wellbeing,” said Mark Koide, CEO of Anthony & Sylvan Pools, the country’s premier in-ground pool and spa builder that is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. “When viewed in perspective, owning a pool is an outstanding way to ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.”

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