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Beach Entry Pool Designs

Beach entry, also called zero entry pools, are quickly becoming one of the most popular and desired modern pool features. The striking entrance mimics the seamless entry into an ocean from the dry land – without all the annoying sand. Built on the shallow end of your pool, the entrance gently slopes into the water.

Lose the normal step configuration and learn more about Anthony & Sylvan beach entry pool designs. Discuss your ideal entrance design during a free consultation with one of our experienced pool designers. They will turn your dream pool into a reality. In the meantime, learn more about the benefits of zero entry pools.

What is a Zero Entry or Beach Entry Pool

A zero entry pool is when one or more sides of your pool slopes gradually into the water. As you enter, the slope will take you deeper into the water until you safely enter your swimming pool. We can help you make your own beach paradise and add other amenities, including waterfalls or boulder rocks.

Benefits of Zero Entry or Beach Entry Pools

Besides the stylish modern design, beach entries offer many benefits to you and your family:

  • Skip installing traditional step designs into your pool. Beach entries provide an innovative alternative to enter your pool. It is the ideal design for people with limited mobility and is easy on joints.
  • The large shallow entrance provides a splash area for children to safely play. Parents can easily monitor their young children and give a place where they can have fun. Also, children have a safer way to enter the pool rather than running and jumping in.
  • When the sun is out, enjoy a spot to tan while keeping part of your body submerged in the water. Enjoy the warm weather without having to sweat in a lawn chair.
  • Zero entry pools provide a beautiful aesthetic for your backyard and give you a variety of options for landscaping ideas.

View Anthony & Sylvan Zero Entry or Beach Entry Pools in Our Gallery

Inspire yourself and view our gallery of zero entry pools that we designed for previous clients. Pick and choose your favorite pool options, and we can transform your backyard into your own beach paradise.

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