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Best Ways to Keep a Swimming Pool in Tip-Top Shape

DOYLESTOWN, PA (July 6, 2017) – As summer approaches and the temperatures rise, pool owners are gearing up for what is likely their favorite – and busiest – season. As family and friends gather ‘round the pool, it’s important to remember to provide proper care, throughout the summer. Anthony & Sylvan Pools, a leader in the in-ground swimming pool and spa business, shares some tips on caring for your pool to keep it ready for guests all season long.

Watch the chemical levels.

To ensure swimmers are comfortable and safe in the pool water, be sure to keep an eye on the pH and alkalinity levels, in both chlorine and salt water pools. Keeping the chemical levels in the proper ranges also maintains the interior of the pool and protects the finish.

Clean and brush on a weekly basis.

It’s important to clean out the skimmer baskets regularly in addition to skimming the pool for bugs, leaves, or any other miscellaneous debris. It’s also a good idea to brush the pool to scrape any algae or dirt that has stuck to the sides and floor. Investing in vacuums and keeping the area surrounding the pool clean is the easiest way to ensure a sparkling swimming pool.

Check and use equipment properly.

Through frequent checks of the pool structure and equipment, it will be easy to find any issues within the pool or any broken parts. By figuring out any issues sooner rather than later, the quality of the pool is likely to be maintained or even improve.

Have the pool professionally closed.

Properly closing a pool is just as important as maintaining it through the year, especially if the pool is in a colder area and will go months without use. A swimming pool professional will ensure the water is lowered to the proper level.

“Swimming pool owners, their family and friends love when pool season gets here. To keep the pool in tip-top shape for the season and years to come, it’s important to properly maintain the pool,” said Jordan Schaeffer, Director of Operations at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “Doing a bit here and there will make owning a swimming pool more manageable and fun. Of course, if a homeowner doesn’t want to deal with the maintenance, they can always contact us to have one of our professionals handle the job for them.”

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