Wife's Unease Transformed by Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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Wife’s “uneasy” feelings transformed by Anthony & Sylvan

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

A recent e-mail to one of our seasoned Design Consultants in Houston revealed deep concerns about the pool building process that the homeowner harbored at the onset of the project.  Her concern was only eclipsed by her anticipation of owning a swimming pool, so the family (reluctantly) elected to proceed knowing they could find A&S if things didn’t go well.

Our customer, Anthony, writes about the impact the whole experience had on his wife, Jole…


Overall, a very good experience!  Dave was very informative.  The crews were great!  They came in, did a good job, and got done.

I am pleased that we chose Anthony & Sylvan.  I wanted to tell you that Jole was uneasy in the beginning and did not want anything to do with the construction.  As it turned out, she did not have anything to do with it – and she did not have to. 

The construction went smooth and everything happened the way it was explained to me.  She told her sister and I last night that she was uneasy in the beginning, but was very pleased with how everything turned out, and coming from her, that is saying a lot

The kids got to break-in the pool over the last 3 nights and loved it!  Jole and I are looking forward to the time outside with the kids this summer.



Another case study in how effective America’s most trusted and experienced pool builder is in transforming customer concerns into backyard dreams.

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