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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Use Your Space: Consider a Fiberglass Pool

Cozy backyards and odd-shaped nooks are often overlooked as ideal locations for an inground custom pool, but they can provide the perfect opportunity to create a secluded, secret oasis that makes the most out of every square foot and packs a lot of style into a limited space.

For families who want to build a beautiful pool that fits their intimate outdoor space, fiberglass is an excellent option to consider. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes and are a low-maintenance choice for people who want to up the “wow” factor in their yards but don’t have a lot of space to work with.

See the possibilities that a fiberglass pool, custom designed by Anthony & Sylvan Pools, can open up for your yard and start dreaming about how we can remake your outdoor space.

Fiberglass Pool Shapes for Your Space

Fiberglass pools are available in a variety of freeform and geometric shapes with varying sizes sure to fit your small space. Anthony & Sylvan offers over 50 fiberglass pool shapes, with some starting as small as 8 foot by 7 foot. There really is a fiberglass pool shape to complement every space, no matter how small.

They also come with a wealth of different fiberglass finishes, thanks to Trilogy’s patent pending manufacturing and design process, giving your pool a customizable look.

Fiberglass is Light, Easy to Install

Installing a fiberglass pool is simple and quick and can be installed in as little as two weeks! It is an excellent choice for small spaces because it is a very light material, which makes access to your backyard space much easier. It can be easily be lifted over fences, garages or any other structure that may block access to the backyard and make installing other types of pools more problematic and time-consuming.

Custom Space-Saving Solutions

Anthony & Sylvan Pools has over 75 years of experience in building custom inground pools and has the answers and solutions for all your space-saving customizations.

Many of the fiberglass pool designs we offer come with built-in seating, which can save you on deck space around the edges of your pool. We can also build your pool up against a fence or house wall and accent the placement with an enticing custom rock waterfall. Your options are only as limited as your imagination!

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