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Unique Pool Decking for Your Custom Inground Pool

Part of completing your custom inground pool is choosing a unique deck design. Pool decking is an important aspect to your pool design because it impacts the way that your outdoor retreat looks.

With over 75 years in business, our Design Consultants will help you find the perfect, unique decking to complement your inground pool. When deciding the type of decking you want for your pool, you would consider safety, maintenance and price. For instance, some materials absorb more heat than others, some are more slippery, and others are more rough.

Consider what is most important to you and continue reading to learn about the different types of unique pool decks from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.


Concrete is one of the best options for your pool decking. Concrete offers a slip resistant surface and heat reflectivity. The maintenance of concrete is easy, which is also an important factor in choosing the right decking for your custom pool. The design options are almost endless with a concrete deck. Stamping patterns into a concrete deck and coloring them gives you even more design and texture flexibility.


Pavers are a great option for pool decking because they are durable and can provide the look of natural stone or brick. They also offer great slip resistance and heat reflectivity.. Pavers come in a several colors, shapes and sizes allowing you to create the unique design that complements your pool and your home!

Brick & Tile

Brick is an attractive and durable option for pool decking, but it is not the best option for areas of direct sunlight. Today there are countless travertine deck tiles or pavers that give the backyard an “up-scale” look at reasonable prices.

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Allow Anthony and Sylvan Pools to help you choose the right pool decking for your outdoor oasis. Our designers can show you samples of material and examples of it being used in other spaces.

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