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Top Pool Designs for Small Backyards

If you’re working with a limited amount of space, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the splendor of a pool in your backyard. There are many shapes, designs, and features of pools that complement a small yard well.

Choosing the right material, depth, and shape will allow homeowners to build creative, functional swimming pools. The correct material for your lifestyle will depend on budget, amount of maintenance necessary, and the space or place you wish to build your pool.

Fiberglass pools are pre-shaped and cannot be altered, while concrete can be free-form. The experts at Anthony & Sylvan can help you determine which pool designs are best for your space.

Swim Spas

Having a pool with an exercise capability can be too large for small backyard spaces, so why not combine a pool design with a therapeutic swim lane suited for small spaces? A swim spa is the perfect alternative to those who are interested in pools and hot tubs. These pool-spa combinations are one body of water that acts as both a relaxing spa and a pool depending on the settings.

Swim spas are smaller than a pool, but larger than a hot tub. Their therapeutic jets are great for relaxation or swim therapy, and water temperatures can be altered for seasonal use.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are small but deeper bodies of water that are perfect for jumping in on a hot summer day. A ledge around the perimeter of the wall provides seating while the center space “plunges” into a deep area without graduated depths.

Plunge pools are great ways to be innovative with small spaces. Whether you prefer the look of modern design or a sunken stone pond, plunge pools are perfect for anyone looking to cool off.

Tiny, Creative Shapes

Don’t look at a small yard as a hindrance, let it inspire you to develop pioneering and creative ideas. Combine the functionality of a pool with other features such as a fountain or waterfall. This will serve as a focal piece in your yard when not in use, but also allow you to have the benefits of a pool.

Use your space in imaginative ways, too. Get away from the standard and think “outside the box.” There are countless shapes and sizes that can be altered to accompany your home or outdoor living area. For instance—would fencing take up even more space? Try a sunken infinity pool around the perimeter of your decking or any of the countless design options you’re A&S design consultant has to offer.

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