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Top Inground Pool Water Features in 2015

When designing your dream pool with Anthony & Sylvan Pools, consult this guide to the latest and most popular water features of 2015 to help turn your dream pool into a backyard reality.

Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edges, also known as ‘infinity edges’ or ‘negative edges’, provide a modern, contemporary look with a designer feel. These edges allow water to spill over the edge of the pool, lending the effect that the water is vanishing over the edge. A vanishing edge is perfect for backyard spaces with a view or if you want to achieve a more modern design.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Sheer descent waterfalls pour a gentle “sheet” of water into the pool below over the edge of a sleek wall. Perfect for modern and contemporary pool designs, sheer descent waterfalls help complement any pool, but work especially well with geometric infinity pools or vanishing edges.

Laminar Jets

Laminar jets add fun, beauty and a hint of paradise to your backyard space. These jets shoot arcing streams of water over the pool and can be placed wherever you want to create a design accent. You can even add lighting to make these streams really stand out at night.

Raised Spas

An inground pool is the perfect place for friends and family to make a splash and have a blast, but when you’re looking for a relaxing water feature to pair with your inground pool, consider a raised spa. Warm and full of massaging, relaxing jets, a raised spa is a great option for chilly nights. A raise spa can be a party with a small group of friends or a soothing haven after a long work day.

Beach Entries

Beach entries are a practical and beautiful water feature, and a great addition to any inground pool. Just like the gradual slope from sand to the ocean, a pool beach entry provides a comfortable entrance into your pool. For those with young children or senior adults in their home, beach entries are also a safe entry option, as they provide a gentle sloping entrance into the pool, and don’t require the use of stairs or ladders.

Design Your New Inground Pool with the Latest Water Features

Ready to add designer water features to your pool? Check out our pool gallery for examples of these luxurious custom features. Request a free consultation or speak to a Design Consultant at Anthony & Sylvan Pools today: 1-877-729-7946.

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