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Top In-ground Pool Trends of 2018

DOYLESTOWN, PA (February 22, 2018) – This winter has been anything but predictable, but it’s time to predict some of the exciting developments and advancements that will enhance your future or current swimming pools. From new technology to cool ways to make your pool (and backyard) unique, Anthony & Sylvan Pools, America’s premier in-ground swimming pool and spa builder, predicts the top trends homeowners will see in 2018.

Virtual Reality Gives Look into Future

What if you could see your backyard with your new swimming pool already in place? This technology is available now, letting homeowners see their future backyard, ensuring a quality design. Structure Studios is one of the pioneers in this space and uses a virtual reality headset to place you in your backyard to see exactly what your new swimming pool and dream backyard will look like. Homeowners and designer can work in tandem to create the perfect backyard oasis.

Unique Water Features to Make Your Pool Stand Out

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, and can even include unique water features. From waterfalls and fountains to water curtains and jets, there are almost endless options. Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of custom water features that will add some excitement and flair to your backyard. These water features will make your swimming pool as unforgettable as it is aesthetically appealing.

Pool Automation is Easier Than Ever with Apps

Mobile technology makes our daily lives easier and now, it makes pool care easier, too. There are apps that allow you take control of your pool right from your phone or tablet, so you know everything is running smoothly, even when you’re not home. Jandy Pro Series AquaLink RS gives homeowners everything they need, including control of swimming pool features such as lighting or waterfalls, as well as functions like filtration, sanitation and cleaning.

Brighten Up Your Pool with New Pool Lighting

When the sun sets, it doesn’t mean your family fun time in the swimming pool has to come to an end. In-pool LED lights let you use your pool no matter what time of day. However, it’s not just late-night swimming that your new pool lighting will give you. Homeowners can mix-and-match LED pool lighting colors to highlight their home and backyard. Take a look at some of Anthony & Sylvan’s favorite pool lighting designs to find out how pool lighting can make your swimming pool the perfect addition to your backyard.

“Whether it’s through new technology or a unique design, we want to make sure homeowners understand every feature that can go into their future or current swimming pool and dream backyards,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “Every year, we discover new trends, but ultimately, our goal is to ensure families are able to enjoy their swimming pools safely every year.”

As we approach the 2018 pool season, these trends can help you create the perfect getaway right in your very own backyard.

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