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The Top 5 Most Popular Custom Pool Features

One of the greatest parts of designing a pool is making it your own. Adding the elements that will make your backyard a true escape is essential to creating a space you’ll love for years to come. To get your imagination going, here are a few of our clients’ favorite custom pool features.

Rock Elements

Whether you transform them into waterfalls or not, adding rock elements to your pool brings nature right into your backyard regardless of where you live. Stack natural stone to create a cascade effect, or build faux rocks for larger, more customizable structures.


Raised Bond Beam

Perfect for hilly backyards or for sunbathing, raised bond beams are wall-like segments that raise the edge of your pool several inches to over a foot on one side of the structure. This structural addition adds depth and dimension to an otherwise relatively flat expanse. As in the pool below, sheer descent waterfalls and other water features can be added to the bond beam for a little extra flair.

Water feature

Vanishing Edges

Whether your pool is completely inground or has an exposed side, vanishing edges draw the eye out past the limits of your pool. This feature is perfect for taking advantage of an incredible view and making the design of your pool look more contemporary.

Vanishing edge


Rock formations paired with a dramatic curtain of water create a cozy corner of your pool where you can retreat to relax or just be alone. Position a grotto over a corner of your pool or around your spa to make it even more private.

Water grotto


The calming sound of falling water is the perfect addition to any pool no matter the form it comes in. Waterfalls can be separate structures that flow water back into your pool, they can spill over from a raised spa, and they can cascade out of your pool entirely like in the photo below.

Water feature

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