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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Tips for New Pool Buyers: What You Should Do Before Taking the Plunge

Are you thinking about investing in a new inground pool for your backyard? Anthony & Sylvan Pools has compiled these helpful tips for potential new pool buyers and homeowners considering investing in a pool or spa for their backyard.

1. Determine Why You Want a New Pool

First, it’s important to discuss how you and your family will really use a new pool. This decision can help determine the type, shape and overall design of your new inground pool.

For example, if you plan on primarily using your pool to exercise, certain shapes can accommodate this activity more than others. Rectangular pools are usually best for swimming laps.

If you plan on using your pool to lounge while keeping it a focal point in your yard, you may want a free form pool with a specific shape.

The material used to build the pool will also determine if custom design is even an option. For example, fiberglass pools usually come with pre-designed depths and shapes.

Budget usually plays into the type of pool you want to invest in. Both concrete pools and fiberglass pools have pros and cons.

Fiberglass pools require less maintenance over the course of the pool’s life compared to concrete, but concrete pools allow for custom depths and designs. It’s also important to research the long term costs and upkeep of these two types of pools.

2. Think About Financing for Your Pool

The housing market frequently fluctuates, especially in today’s economy, meaning loans and refinancing are hard to get approved for at times. People who want to install pools often get their hopes up and pay non-refundable deposits before they are even approved by a financing company.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is different. Our team works with clients to ensure their contracts provide protection against losing deposits, even if you’re financing your new pool. While inground pools can vary in cost based on material, size, and custom features, finding a lender doesn’t have to be hard. Anthony & Sylvan Pools works with two lending companies that specialize in pool buying. LightStream and Lyon Financial make pool financing easy and stress-free.

3. Research What You Need to Begin Work on a New Pool

After having you property surveyed, it is necessary to visit the zoning and permitting department in your city to receive permits before you can build anything. The state and national governments also regularly update pool regulations and laws regarding water and fencing. It is essential that your new pool comply with local building and safety regulations so that there are no fixes in the future.

As licensed contractors, Anthony & Sylvan Pools can help property owners obtain these permits. Our company knows the ins-and-outs for each state we work in and can assist you in understanding these codes as they pertain to you and your home.

4. Consider Your Backyard’s Topography

Working with the lay of the land will not only make installing a pool faster, it will save property owners money. Plan to work with slopes or hills if they are present in your backyard – installing a retaining wall or working the slope into wanted water features like waterfalls is inventive and financially smart.

In addition to topography, plan to place pools away from trees and foliage with deep root systems and those that shed their leaves or fruits often. This will save money on upkeep and excavation, while keeping your trees intact.

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