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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

The Holiday Gift that Lasts for a Lifetime!

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

That traditional last minute and frenzied shopping excursion you always make, (year after year) pains you – no doubt – but usually attains the goal of “gifting” the ones you care about most. How do you do it, anyway? Fighting traffic snarls, the relentless crowds at the mall, on-line worries about security when you type your credit card numbers in a data field…things like that…yet, you always seem to get it done!

The question you have to ask yourself is: Six months after I give them their present, do they even remember it? (I can actually hear the painful silence right now!)

Ahhh, well…FEAR NOT! Anthony & Sylvan Pools has the perfect solution for your Christmas shopping dilemna this year…a brand new swimming pool in your very own backyard!

That’s right – the gift that will keep on giving – years after your family unwraps it! What better way to say “I love you” to your children than to give them what they’ve always wanted anyway…a place to enjoy their childhood each and every summer. Or how about your loving spouse? A therapeutic spa is just what the doctor ordered, and they can use it whenever the mood strikes them – plus it’s not far from your back door, so there’s no travel involved. No packing suitcases to jet off to some exotic location…no security lines to serpentine thru…just right out the back door.

Not only will this holiday gift demonstrate your thoughtfulness and love toward your children, or your spouse, but you’ll beautify your home and help it appreciate in value too. Studies prove that an Anthony & Sylvan Pool adds value to those select properties that build one…why else would Real Estate ads feature the name Anthony & Sylvan Pools in the copy? It’s a “cut above” the rest…just like your family!

It’s not too late to act either. Our personnel are awaiting your call and it’s a snap to set a no-obligation meeting with one of our talented Design Consultants, so what are you waiting for anyway! Get the gift that “fits” the whole family and delivers years of laughter, tons of clean fun and innumerable lifelong memories; an Anthony & Sylvan Pool!

Happy Holidays from all your friends at Anthony Sylvan Pools!

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