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The Advantages of a National Company

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

In today’s tenuous economy how is a customer to know whom to trust with their backyard plans, especially if they are moving across state lines?

Anthony & Sylvan provides the cross country customer with the peace-of-mind they require when so many decisions have to be made flawlessly.

In a recent market survey customer D. Maddox (in response to the question “What about the appointment with the Design Consultant did you like the most?”)


The fact that the sales representative was extremely willing to work with our schedule since we have not yet moved to the area where the home is located, current renovations being made to home, and needing to sell our home in another state.

The Maddox family knew that there were far more benefits to a large national company like Anthony & Sylvan Pools than a local pool builder that they weren’t sure could sustain their business in the Las Vegas economy.

Guess that’s why they say “Anthony & Sylvan; it’s Where America Swims

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