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A minimalistic escape, this freeform pool includes a raised spa with stairs, stone coping, and natural stone waterfall.
A figure eight-shaped pool with inground spa, step ladder, seating, and stone coping this backyard addition is the perfect place to unwind.
This desert oasis features a geometric pool and raised spa with spillway, cantilever decking, and built-in seating.
Surrounded by lush greenery, this backyard freeform pool with was designed with stone coping and a raised beam with sheer descent waterfall.
This inground freeform pool and spa are outlined with brick coping and feature tile accents at the water line, a tanning ledge, and built-in seating.
A contemporary addition to any yard, this geometric pool and separate raised spa feature stone coping, laminar jets, and partial vanishing edge with sheer descent waterfall.
This fenced-in geometric pool includes a detached spa, seating, and raised beam with a tile accent.
This freeform pool and raised spa are fenced-in and feature paver coping, tile accents, a raised tanning ledge, and deck jet water features.
Step back in time with this geometric Grecian pool and its attached, inground spa with extended steps and tile accents.
Make your yard timeless with an elongated geometric pool with raised bond beam with tiling and lions’ head water features like this one.
This coastal geometric pool is an extra bit of heaven with its diving board and convenient automatic pool cover.
This geometric inground pool meshes perfectly with the house’s architecture with its raised spa and spillway, plus deck jet water features.
This modern, L-shaped geometric pool has a spa built into the corner, a hanging umbrella, a tanning ledge, and features slip-resistant travertine coping.
This freeform pool features a raised spa with stone accents and spillway, plus a tanning ledge and travertine coping as its focal piece.

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