Small Yard Pools – Best Swimming Pools for Small Yards

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Swimming Pools for Small Yards

You’ve always dreamed of installing a pool in your own backyard. But whether you imagined it as a perfect retreat for two, or as a neighborhood gathering place, you might not have considered the actual dimensions of your family’s personal sanctuary.

The size of your backyard might have been a prohibitive factor once upon a time; but today, there are a wide variety of pool shape and size options that are perfect for smaller spaces. The team at Anthony & Sylvan can help you build the perfect backyard retreat—no matter how big or small it might be.

Best Pool Types for Small Backyards

If you have a small backyard, should you opt for a concrete or fiberglass inground pool? That’s a question that we hear a lot at Anthony & Sylvan—and our answer is almost always the same: “Which pool type would you prefer?”

The truth is that both concrete and fiberglass pools have a long list of positive qualities. As long as you’re able to find the right pool size, shape, and design, either pool type is well-suited to a smaller backyard. Thanks to the wide variety of fiberglass pool shells we offer, you can find a freeform or geometric pool that is as small as 10’ x 20’, or as large as 16’ x 40’.

If you are looking for something even smaller, we would recommend discussing concrete in ground pool options with your Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant. Together, you can identify your exact needs and preferences, and lay the groundwork for a beautiful, durable concrete pool for your small backyard.

Best Pool Shapes for Small Backyards

Every backyard—no matter how big or small—is different. As such, it’s difficult to say that there is a perfect pool shape for smaller yards. If you are designing a concrete in ground pool, you won’t have to consider the pre-set shapes associated with fiberglass pools, so the choice is yours.

However, it is worth noting that curvy, freeform pools, such as a kidney shaped pool, allow for more potential decking space. If you plan on placing a lounge chair or grill on your backyard pool’s patio, you’ll need to take those needs into consideration as you decide on the best pool shape for your yard.

Customization Options for Small Backyard Pools

Although your backyard might limit the size of your in ground pool, you’ll still have nearly limitless options when it comes to custom pool features! Add a gentle, bubbling fountain to your tropical paradise, or go for the natural look with a beautiful rock waterfall.

If you’re ready to take your small backyard pool to the next level, consider adding an elegant vanishing edge, or even a small raised spa for the ultimate retreat.

Take the Plunge: Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pool Builders

Ready to turn your small backyard into a tropical paradise for the whole family? Browse our online Small Pool Gallery or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free small pool design consultation. We’ll help you explore the endless pool options available, and walk you through a variety of stress-free pool financing options.


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