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Stunning Infinity Pools in Austin, Texas

Are you ready to add a stunning infinity pool to your home in Austin? Also called a vanishing edge pool, an infinity pool is designed to appear with no edges, creating a spectacular view and beautiful optical illusion of water extending to the distance. The pool’s outskirt is surrounded by a weir that is a tad lower than the rest of the pool, allowing the water to flow out and be recirculated back into the pool.

Usually situated on a stunning backdrop, the edge gives the pool a modern and contemporary look and feel. An infinity pool is the ideal spot for relaxation at its finest, where you can imagine being in a resort and escaping reality. Enjoy a glass of wine as you sit by the edge and take in the gorgeous views right from your home.

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Benefits to Infinity Pools in Austin

With the Texas views of an infinity pool, the options are endless. Overlook small bodies of water like the Colorado River or Lady Bird Lake, or experience breathtaking sunset views with the great Lake Travis as a backdrop. While an infinity pool adds sophistication and a one-of-a-kind setting to your backyard, there are infinite reasons to have Anthony & Sylvan build you this sleek pool.

Here are just a few of the benefits of owning an infinity pool if you live in Austin:
• Are versatile and complement spa, waterfall, fountain or other attractive pool features nd accessories.
• Increase the value of your property and help your pool area stand out to potential buyers.
• Improves any view: if your backyard has an ocean, forest, or city view, a vanishing edge can enhance it, making it the focus of your backyard.

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Build your Infinity Pool in Austin with Anthony & Sylvan

Since 1946, the team at Anthony & Sylvan has created countless backyard visions with a variety of pool styles and textures. Whether you’re looking to create an inground pool you can use for exercise, to relax in, or anything in between, Anthony & Sylvan in Austin can help. We have built swimming pools for families across the country. Our professional staff will spend the time with you to build the swimming pool of your dreams.

Located in Austin, Texas as well as Houston, Katy, San Antonio, and across the country, we are here to help you create your pool desires. Along with building pools, we also have an online pool supply store to provide you with anything you need to get your finished pool started.

Our team at Anthony & Sylvan will work tirelessly for you to create the swimming pool that fits your desires, needs and budget. If you’re in the Austin area and want to build your custom inground infinity pool, call the team at (512) 258-1232. Our builders know and understand the rocky soil of Hill Country with permit and construction regulations, so you can trust them as pool building experts for your Austin home.

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