Create a short video about your Splash Cash experience. See details below.

And, watch a message from Bonnie Chong, our President and CEO.

Now it’s your turn.

1/ Record a
1-minute video and
upload it by 9/15/2023

2/ Provide permission
for Anthony & Sylvan
to use your video
in marketing materials

3/ Check for an email from
for your $50 reward
(Please note: Rewards will be paid out the end of 9/30/2023)

Splash Cash Thank You Campaign

  • Accepted file types: mp4, avi, mov, webm, wmv, flv, mkv, mts.

Tips for making a great video

  • Hold the camera in landscape mode:
    This is the long way across
  • Make sure the camera is steady:
    You can have someone record the video for you, use a tripod or lean your camera up against something
  • Record the video in a quiet space:
    Try to reduce any background noise
  • Speak slowly and clearly:
    Use a loud enough voice

And if possible, record the video with your Anthony & Sylvan pool in the background