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Solar Covers for Your Pool: The Top Nine Reasons to Get One Today

Getting a solar cover for your pool can have a lot of benefits. Solar covers can be a great investment for your pool for many reasons. We will discuss those reasons below.

Benefit 1: Extend the Swimming Season

Extend the swimming season by heating your pool with solar covers. The solar covers heat your pool by trapping in the heat from the sun’s rays, similarly like how solar panels trap the energy from the sun’s rays from a process of absorption. To get the best out of your solar covers, make sure the bubble side of the solar covers face down. The warmth of the water ensures that you get the most out of your swimming season.

Benefit 2: Reduce Energy Costs

Once you buy the solar covers, there are no additional costs to heat your pool. Simply layout the solar covers on top of the water and let yourself be amazed with how warm the water gets. You no longer need to worry about the additional costs from your gas or electricity bill when you use solar covers. Say good bye to hefty electric bills and hello to more money in your wallet!

Benefit 3: Prevent Evaporation

Solar covers can help prevent evaporation in the pool—a whopping 95% prevention, to be exact. That’s a lot of water (and money) that you’re saving!

Benefit 4: Reduce Chemical Costs

Since you are preventing evaporation, you’re also preventing the deterioration of chemicals. With more water in the pool, more of your pool chemicals that you bought stay in the pool. This cuts down costs on future pool chemicals, simply because you’re not buying them as often.

Benefit 5: Keep Debris Out

Keep all of that debris out of the pool! You know how all those leaves, bugs, and dirt just love to cling to the water in your pool. Cut down your time on maintaining your pool by getting a solar cover.

Benefit 6: Anthony & Sylvan’s Pool Covers Last 5 Years

Most solar covers last 3 years—ours last 5 years. With longevity, our solar covers stand apart from the rest, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

Benefit 7: Conforms to the Shape & Size of Your Pool

No matter if your pool is square or has many curves, the easy customizability of the solar covers allows you to really conform to the shape. You can cut your solar cover very easily depending on the shape of your pool. Once you have the right shape cut out, you can throw it on the pool and let it do its magic!

Benefit 8: Convenience

You can cut down the solar pieces into squares or circles to throw onto your pool easily. Cutting the solar cover also makes it easier to remove the squares when the time comes to do so. It’s one of the easiest ways to heat and protect your pool.

Benefit 9: Variety!

There is also a liquid version of a solar cover. The liquid solar cover is one of the greatest pool-science-breakthroughs so far! It forms a monolayer film—otherwise known as a fatty alcohol—on the surface of the water. This traps in the heat and prevents evaporation from the pool. Not to mention, it’s completely safe and biodegradable.

Tips for Your Solar Cover

  • Remove your solar cover before shocking your pool as the high concentration of chlorine will damage your solar cover. If you are using the liquid solar cover, there is no need to “remove” (AKA, drain your pool) the solar cover. The liquid solar cover will need to be replenished after shocking your pool.
  • Never dry out your solar cover on the grass. It can damage and burn your grass immensely if this is done.
  • Cut your solar cover into squares for safety reasons. If someone happens to fall in the water with the multiple solar covers on the water, this means that it will break apart on impact making for a safer pool.

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