Signs You Need to Remodel Your Pool - Inground Pool Renovations

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Signs You Need to Remodel Your Pool

Has your inground pool been looking a bit lackluster lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed some signs of wear and tear and are wondering if it might be time for a swimming pool remodel.

Anthony and Sylvan has been designing and updating inground swimming pools for over 75 years. The Renovation experts at Anthony and Sylvan want you to know that a swimming pool remodel not only enhances the look of your swimming pool, but can also extend the pool’s life and keep everyone safely swimming for years to come.

Here are a few of the most common signs it’s time for a pool repair or pool renovation:

Cracks and Other Signs of Damage

Have you noticed any cracks or interior surface peeling in your swimming pool? Noticeable leaks, discolored or stubborn stain areas, and the appearance of spots are visible deteriorations around your pool. You may need to consider a swimming pool remodel.

Call Anthony and Sylvan, and one of our pool experts will visit your home for a free consultation. We will evaluate the damage and make specific recommendations based on your needs and budget. Sometimes cracks can be purely cosmetic, while other times they can indicate there is an underlying structural issue that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes a full pool remodel isn’t needed – you simply need to re-tile or re-surface your pool to fix the issue. But having an expert review the pool in detail is a step toward keeping your pool in good condition.

Your Pool Lacks Energy Efficiency

You may not realize it, but swimming pools built over ten years ago are nowhere near as energy efficient as pools today. Old, inefficient pool equipment can use far more energy than modern equipment.

While upgrading your pool equipment is an investment, you’ll likely save money in the long-run, as it is more energy efficient, cost effective, and better performing. For example, switching to a more energy efficient pool pump can use anywhere from 30-45{a81ec8522f7d092d774ea2f9a58dec744716fd17f2bf61bb5b4ae61c0e5170d6} less energy than a standard pump that could put money in your pocket every month.

You’ve Noticed Texture on Your Pool

Have you noticed that your pool interior feels a bit rougher than usual? An unbalanced pH level can be to blame. Your local pool experts may need to resurface your pool. Over time, your pool’s surface can wear down and a pool can begin to look aged, unclean, or even unsafe. By resurfacing your pool, your pool will look brand new!

Contact Anthony and Sylvan for Pool Renovations

If your swimming pool is in need of a remodel, contact the experts at Anthony and Sylvan Pools. Whether your swimming pool is aged, stained, or looking lackluster, we’ll help restore its natural beauty, allowing you to fully enjoy the use of your pool.

From refurbishing your pool to upgrading your decking, tile and coping, our team can handle it all. Call us today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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