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Research Triangle Pool Types

Homes in the Raleigh Durham area, extending out to Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and even Burlington, North Carolina, have a wealth of options when it comes to building or renovating an inground pool, with Anthony & Sylvan.

Pool Materials

When it comes to building materials, homeowners have two options: concrete or fiberglass. Your choice will depend on your price range, desired pool size and shape, depth, and personalization options. Concrete pools are more flexible if you have a unique design in mind, and fiberglass pools are great for making the decision process easy—just choose a design from our catalog.

Pool Shapes

Both concrete and fiberglass pools offer a full spectrum of options for shape and depth.

Homeowners in the Research Triangle area might want their pool to fit with their home’s architecture, others may want it to stand out, or blend in with the landscape.

No matter the choice, you have plenty of shapes to choose from: geometric pools, Grecian pools, oval pools, freeform pools, and so much more.

Pool Functions

Do you have a large family? Are you looking to entertain? Maybe there’s an avid swimmer in the house? Homeowners install pools for many different reasons and, thankfully, there’s a pool to fit each of them.

Pools with beach entries are great for families with little kids; pools with large patio areas and tanning ledges are perfect for entertaining; and plunge pools and lap pools are ideal for more active people.

Pool Water

You have two great choices: chlorine and saltwater. Both systems keep your pool clean and free of microorganisms, so this decision usually just comes down to preference.

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