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Renovating Your Pool for Cold Weather Use

While many people close their pool for 6-9 months every year, there are still a good amount of pool owners who choose to keep their pools open, offering water fun all year long. However, there are certain types of renovations that are necessary and recommended to protect your pool against harsh cold weather if you want to be able to enjoy your pool through the winter.

What are these simple renovations? It depends on your climate, but if you live in an area that experiences water temperatures less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the fall and winter seasons, you may want to consider updating your pool with a pool heater.

Add a Pool Heater

A fantastic way to renovate your pool to make it usable during the winter months is to put in a pool heater. There are three different types of pool heaters, including:

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters have microprocessor-controlled thermostats to keep your pool nice and comfortable, despite the cool weather outside. Our gas heaters only turn on when there is need for heat and the display can provide a constant read of your water’s temperature, as well as very user-friendly temperature controls.

Electric Heat Pumps

These pumps utilize an environmentally safe process by transferring the heat of the outside air to your pool. All you have to do is set the thermostat to your ideal temperature. Installation is simple and requires no propane gas storage tank.

Solar Covers

Our solar covers can provide an option for both long-term and short-term use. These covers keep pool water temperatures warm by using solar energy to heat the pool while not in use. They also reduce water evaporation, conserve energy, and lower heating costs. When you’re ready to swim, we offer solar cover reels that take the work out of manually covering and uncovering your pool.

Build a Spa

Another great way to renovate your outdoor pool area is to have a spa installed. Whether you add it in tandem with your existing pool or create a stand-alone spa, you’ll create a steamy oasis perfect for cooler weather. Spas are the perfect evening activity to enjoy with friends or family, especially when the temperature outside is chilly.

Talk to an Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant

If you’re thinking about keeping your pool open year-round, talk to us about how to get the most out of your current inground pool. One of our consultants can walk you through each of our available options to figure out what works best for your unique home and needs. Request your free cold weather pool consultation today.

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