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Questions to Ask an In-Ground Pool Builder – Part 4: Company Stability

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Today, in the conclusion of our four-part series sharing the best questions to ask potential in-ground pool builders, we’ll highlight important questions to ask builders about the long-term stability of their company. By asking these questions, you’ll ensure that you’re choosing a pool builder that will be there for you over the life of the pool – today, tomorrow and decades from now.

How many years has the pool builder been in business?

When evaluating the stability of a pool builder, begin by asking how long they have been in business. Are they relatively unknown and unproven or have they demonstrated stability over many decades of in-ground pool construction?

Founded in 1946 and with nearly 75 years of experience, Anthony & Sylvan has built in-ground swimming pools for over 370,000 families.

Has the pool builder ever declared personal or business bankruptcy or closed and re-opened under a new name?

While there is no shame in bankruptcy, it could be a clear indicator regarding a business’s long-term stability. What happens to you, your pool’s construction and your pool’s warranty if your pool builder goes bankrupt and leaves the industry? Additionally, as we previously highlighted, pool builders can go out of business and re-open again under a new name if they are unwilling or unable to honor their warranties.

To protect your investment, ask each pool builder about any history with bankruptcy or changes to their business name.

Is the pool builder a sole proprietor?

Beyond bankruptcy, small pool builders are often owned and operated by a single person. If owner retires, goes bankrupt or decides to change careers, pool owners could be left with no warranty protection.

Before choosing a pool builder, make sure that they will be in business to stand behind their work for the decades ahead.

Is the pool builder clearly investing in the future with technologies and infrastructure?

To make sure you’re working with a builder committed to the future, you’ll want to find out about their investments in the future. Are they investing in growth, infrastructure, technology, and education – or are they struggling to maintain a status quo?

At Anthony & Sylvan, we combine our over 75 years of experience with ongoing investments in the future. From new construction technologies and using the best pool equipment to ongoing technical education for our staff enhancing our customer’s experience, we’re investing in the future. We’re here for you today and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

Has the pool builder been associated with any other pool company in the last 10 years?

Finally, echoing the question about bankruptcy, it is worth repeating that an alarming number of pool builders change names or affiliations to avoid honoring their warranties. Protect yourself by asking direct questions about any previous associations to other pool companies no longer in business.

You can’t return a pool, so it’s crucial to choose the right swimming pool builder. From customer satisfaction to construction quality and professionalism to company stability, we’ve shared the best questions to ensure you’re working with the right builder. Armed with these questions, you’re ready to begin interviewing pool builders and you’re well on your way to a lifetime of poolside memories in your very own backyard oasis.

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