Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder About Construction Quality

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Questions to Ask an In-Ground Pool Builder – Part 2: Construction Quality

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In Part I of our four-part series, we highlighted important questions to ask in-ground pool builders to ensure you select a builder with a proven commitment to customer satisfaction.  In Part II, we’re sharing the best questions to ask pool builders to ensure that your pool is built to last, with exceptional quality.

Does the pool builder provide a lifetime structural warranty?

When determining whether a pool contractor will build a quality swimming pool, the first place to look is their warranties. Not all pool warranties are created equal and inferior pool builders are unable to back their pools with strong warranties. In fact, many builders provide warranties that only cover cosmetic damage to things like tile and plaster. While cosmetic warranties are important, the long-term heart and soul of any swimming pool is its concrete shell.  Quality pool builders should have no problem backing their pool shells with lifetime structural warranties.

How long has the pool builder been in business?

And while it’s important to confirm that a pool builder offers strong warranties, it’s equally important to remember that warranties are only useful while the company is still in business to honor them. A lifetime structural warranty is useless if the pool builder goes out of business – and unfortunately, far too many in-ground pool builders close up shop each year. In fact, many less-than-reputable pool builders continue to close their business under one name, only to begin building pools again under a new name. This puts pool owners in the unfortunate position of owning a poorly-built swimming pool with a warranty that they can’t use.

To protect yourself, find out how many consecutive years the pool builder has been in business and if the company owner has ever built pools under another name. Choose a pool builder that offers a lifetime structural warranty and has a proven history of stability and standing behind their warranty for decades. In business for over 75 years, Anthony & Sylvan backs each of its in-ground pools with a lifetime structural warranty.

Are the equipment warranties backed by reputable manufacturers?

Unfortunately, for every disreputable pool company, there is a cheap piece of pool equipment. For the same reasons we listed above, you’ll want to make sure that the pool company uses only high quality, name brand equipment, backed by a stable manufacturer with strong warranties.

Does the pool builder have a construction manual detailing each phase and company standards?

We previously highlighted the importance of confirming that a pool builder has a long list of both recent and older happy customers. But a list of happy customers carries no weight if the pool builder is not building each pool to the same strict set of procedures and standards. Without standardized construction methods, you’ll have no way to be sure that your pool will be built as well as any other. After confirming that the company builds each pool to a set of strict standards, you’ll also want to confirm that those standards meet or exceed the standards set by the American Pool & Spa Association.

Does your pool builder have a documented site inspection list to ensure quality construction across all projects?

Beyond standardized construction methods, it’s also important to make sure that each phase of construction will be inspected to ensure quality. When speaking with smaller builders, it is also important to find out who will be inspecting each phase of construction. Will it be the same person that did the construction, or will it be a fresh pair of eyes?

Are the pool builder’s plans inspected and approved by a certified engineer?

When it comes to designing a swimming pool, a pretty picture is just the beginning. The real challenge is making sure that the swimming pool is designed with solid engineering to ensure structural integrity. Before signing any contract, be sure to confirm that your pool design will be reviewed and approved by a certified engineer.


By asking these questions, you’ll be one step closer to diving into the beautiful in-ground pool of your dreams. Stay tuned as we continue to discuss the right questions to ask pool builder.

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