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Pool Covers

Anthony & Sylvan carries a wide range of pool covers so you can protect your pool while it’s not in use. Some of the options include:

  • Water Bag Covers
  • Solar Covers
  • Solar Liquid Blanket Covers
  • Pool Safety Covers

Water Bag Covers are made from a polyethylene fabric and come in many different sizes. They are lightweight, easy to use and fold up for storage. The covers are secured with vinyl water filled tubes that also come in many different sizes.

Solar Covers are designed to keep pool water temperatures warm, reduce water evaporation, conserve energy and lower your heating costs when the pool is not in use. Solar covers come in all shapes, sizes and thickness to adequately meet the needs of your pool.

Solar Liquid Blankets are a safe, non-toxic liquid that forms an invisible layer on your pool water’s surface. In addition to being non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe, it can also significantly reduce water evaporation and heat loss. It also won’t interfere with your water’s chemistry.

Pool Safety Covers are designed to protect your pool’s finish from damaging weather and to help you maintain the proper chemical balance in your water. Most are designed for long-term use (i.e. closing your pool for the winter) and can be fastened into place with durable and secure deck anchors. Anthony & Sylvan carries three different types of pool safety covers from Anchor Industries. Learn more about the different options.

Find out more about the pool covers we carry, visit an Anthony & Sylvan retail store near you or shop our online store.

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