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Anthony & Sylvan Pool Products

Anthony & Sylvan offers a wide range of different pool products that are sure to satisfy your pool supply needs. Whether it’s chemicals, pool filters, or salt systems, Anthony & Sylvan pool products are the only ones you need to use. These supplies are accessible through the online store or at any one of our retail locations.


Pool chemicals increase the vitality, health, and beauty of the environment of your pool.


One of the best time saver investments to ease the burden on your busy schedule, chlorinators can help regulate the chlorine levels and chemical balance in your pool without constant monitoring. No more tedious testing and balancing!

Control Systems

Pool control systems allow you to control everything from the spa jets to the lights in your pool with a simple push of a button.

Pool Filters

Pool filters are used to keep your pool water clean and sanitized using any one of a variety of filtration systems.  Whether  diatomaceous earth, cartridge, or sand, Anthony & Sylvan filtration systems are state-of-the-art.

Heaters and Heat Pumps

Summertime doesn’t have to be the only swimming season. Pool heaters and heat pumps allow more time to swim during those chilly months!

Mineral Systems

Mineral systems are an innovative process used to destroy the harmful bacteria that could be residing in your pool keeping it sparklingly clear.

Salt Systems

Enjoy low maintenance? Then the salt system may be for you. Learn more about how salt can turn into chlorine purifying your swimming pool with our salt systems.

Pool Cleaners

The ultimate time saving tool is are our automatic pool cleaners. Enjoy more time swimming and relaxing in your pristine pool and less time worrying about doing the dirty work.

Pool Covers

Protect your pool over the winter months with the wide range of pool covers that Anthony & Sylvan offers.

Pool Lighting

Choose your pool lighting according to your personal taste. Learn more about our color-changing LED lights that give just the right touch of ambiance to your backyard retreat..

Pumps and Motors

Choosing the pump and motor that’s right for you can be worrisome. At Anthony & Sylvan, we make that choice easier. Learn how we can help you choose the right pump and motor for your pool.

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At Anthony & Sylvan, we use our expertise advice when helping you choose the right products for your pool. To discover more about our products, visit an Anthony & Sylvan retail store location or peruse our online store.

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