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Pool Supplies

Along with maintaining the reputation of being the finest pool builders for over 75 years, Anthony & Sylvan is also the most reliable source for pool supplies, equipment, chemicals, and more. If you live in the mid-Atlantic region, a dependable pool expert is as close as your nearest Anthony & Sylvan retail store.

You will find all the major brands of pool supplies as well as knowledgeable Anthony & Sylvan pool advisors who can point you in the right direction with the top chemicals, heaters, pumps, filters, motors, cleaners, pool toys, and so much more. Whether you have an Anthony & Sylvan pool or one from another builder, our supplies will keep your backyard haven looking its best. Locate the nearest Anthony & Sylvan retail store.

Find the Best Brands at Our Stores or Online

Anthony & Sylvan strongly believes in using the most trusted brands with a proven track record of maintaining pools and keeping them in the best shape for years to come. Depend on our quality products and stop by our retail stores that provide leading brands including:




Pool Supplies Found at Anthony & Sylvan

We offer a large selection of pool products so you’re sure to find everything on your list. Expert staff is always available to help you give your pool the best care possible. Below, you can find the pool supplies that we always have on hand:


  • Algaecides
  • Cleaner chemicals
  • Sanitizers
  • Spa chemicals
  • Stain remover
  • Water clarifiers and enzymes
  • Water balancers
  • Chlorine


  • Filters
  • Pumps and motors
  • Heaters
  • Salt systems
  • Mineral systems
  • Lighting
  • Test kits


  • Toys and floats
  • Pool covers
  • Liquid blanket

Shop Online or Stop by Anthony & Sylvan for Pool Supplies

When you visit our retail stores at Anthony & Sylvan, you will be amazed at the broad range of products that we offer, including our expert sales staff that can answer any of your questions. Our advisors have been working in the pool industry for decades, so you can always rely on their expertise.
Shop our online store, visit your nearest retail store or fill out our online consultation request form for more information.

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