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10 Pool Safety Tips for Pets

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For many of us, our pets are a part of the family. It is only natural that we love to spend our summers enjoying our backyard pools with family, friends and of course, our pets!

To ensure that your family pets stay safe around swimming pools, keep the following pool safety tips for pets in mind. To find more information about building a pet-friendly swimming pool, contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Keep Pets Safe This Summer: Pool Safety Tips

  1. Make Sure Your Pet Can Swim

Don’t simply assume that your pet will be a strong swimmer based on their breed. Every pet is different, so it is essential to make sure your pet is comfortable in the water before diving in.

  1. Introduce Pets to Water Gradually

One way to ensure that your pet knows how to swim is to introduce them to the water gradually. You may want to start with your pet in a kiddie pool or shallow water before introducing them to deeper water.

  1. Stay and Play With Your Pet

No matter how strong of a swimmer your pet is, you should always supervise them while they are in or around the pool. Our pets love nothing more than to play with us, so share your swimming time with your pet!

  1. Ensure Pets Know the Exits

Even if you think it is obvious how a pet should exit the pool, your pet may not initially understand. Take the time to show your pet how to exit the pool so that they can get out if they begin to feel tired.

  1. Don’t Allow Pets to Drink Pool Water

Keep a water bowl nearby or run a hose so your pet has plenty of access to cool, fresh water while swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools may upset pets’ stomachs if consumed.

  1. Keep Pets Cool – Avoid Peak Times of Day

Just as humans are more likely to get sunburned during the peak times of day, pets can also become overheated during these hours. Even while swimming, pets may begin to feel dehydrated and hot. Ensure that you take frequent breaks to cool off when swimming with your pet.

  1. Dog Not a Strong Swimmer? Use a Life Vest

According to PetMD, dog life vests are great safety tools for pets who are not strong swimmers. Having your dog wear a life vest is also a good idea when dogs are first learning to swim.

  1. Learn Pet CPR

BarkPost and other experts recommend learning pet CPR. While you most likely won’t ever need to know it, it helps to be prepared in case of an emergency.

  1. Keep an Eye on Senior Dogs

If you have a senior pet, keep a more watchful eye on them in and around the pool. Even if your pet used to be a strong swimmer, they may tire more easily as they grow older.

  1. Rinse Pets Off After Swimming

Keeps pets happy and healthy after swimming by rinsing them off with a hose. A quick rinse will help rid your pet’s fur of chlorine or other substances that might irritate their skin.

Enjoy Fun in the Sun With Anthony & Sylvan Pools

With a swimming pool built by Anthony & Sylvan, you’ll have a beautiful and fun backyard retreat that your family—pets included—will love for years to come. Schedule an appointment with an Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant today.

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