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Updating Your Inground Pool


If you’re a longtime pool owner or if you have inherited a pool with your new home, then you may be interested in changing the look and feel of your inground swimming pool. Many pool owners are interested in making modifications to their inground swimming pool to make it more contemporary or more in line with current home trends.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools understands the need for pool renovations and changes, so here are several ways to renovate your pool to create your ideal backyard oasis.

Inground Pool Options

When you work with Anthony & Sylvan Pools, you’re hiring one of the best pool contractors nationwide. Our pool renovation specialists have several options for updating your current inground pool:

Add Coping

Instead of restructuring your existing inground pool, many pool owners add brick, stone or concrete coping to the perimeter of the pool. Coping is another way pool owners can personalize their inground pool and change the entire feel of the backyard.

Modify Pool Tiles

If you’re looking for a subtle change for your pool renovation, consider changing the tiles in your current inground pool. You can replace old tiles with fresh ones to give the pool a new, up-to-date feel. You can also switch it up and try different colors, finishes and patterns for a one-of-a-kind look.

Replace or Add Decking

Inground, concrete pools can be modified to fit an entirely different style. A great way to customize and update an inground pool is decking. Pool decking can improve the look of your inground pool as well as the functionality. Proper decking can create a cool, slip-resistant surface for children, adults and pets, so they can fully enjoy the pool and their time outside.

Update Pool Equipment

If you have had your inground pool for several years, your pool equipment might need to be updated. Proper pool equipment will keep your inground pool beautiful, clean and safe. Pool equipment updates can include pool heaters, safety covers, pool cleaning systems and more.

Change Pool Plaster

One of the best ways to modify the look and feel of your inground pool is to replace the plaster. Updating your inground pool plaster is a great chance to change the color and material of your interior finish. Replace your bright pearl finish with a dark green or blue color to give your backyard pool an exotic lagoon feel.

Update Your Inground Pool with Anthony & Sylvan Pools

If you’ve been considering modifying your current inground pool, call the team of pool renovation specialists at Anthony & Sylvan Pools for options that will accent your lifestyle. Contact us through our online contact form or visit your local Anthony & Sylvan pool design center for a free consultation.

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