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Custom Water Features

Did you know that you can renovate your pool with a variety of custom water features, such as waterfalls or fountains? Add some excitement to your inground pool with one of these custom water features, available from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.


Pool jets shoot streams of water into your swimming pool in soaring arcs. Laminar jets, for example, shoot water up to eight feet in the air!

The jets also allow you to put on pool shows at night by adding pulses of fiber optic light, which can light up an entire stream of water with color. The jets can be hidden in landscaping around the pool.


A fountain can provide a striking visual when placed in the center of your pool. How do pool fountains work? A pump is submerged in your pool, and it draws water from your pool to shoot multiple streams of water into the air in a decorative configuration. The water falls back into the pool and replenishes the water supply for the pump.


Waterfalls are a common water feature on luxury pools, and there are several types of waterfalls to consider for swimming pools.

Water Curtains

A sheer descent waterfall is more commonly called a water curtain. These water curtains involve water falling over the pool’s edge from a smooth ledge into the swimming pool.

This type of waterfall can be installed in any inground pool, as it comes in various shapes and sizes. Different models of these waterfalls include ones that use an extended lip and others that are curved. Curved models vary in length, and they go from 8 inches to 8 feet.

Rock Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful waterfall options for pools is the rock waterfall. Rock waterfalls mimic natural waterfalls by having water pour down over rocks placed at the pool’s edge.

These waterfalls are most commonly seen in luxury pools at resorts or high-end homes.
The waterfall can be adjusted to either provide a discreet trickle of water or a thundering river based on your preference.

Make this feature look like a natural waterfall with the addition of pool landscaping supplies such as planters and foliage.

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The best pools are the ones that feature a pool design their owner wants. Anthony & Sylvan Pools is America’s nationwide swimming pool builder, with 75 years of experience in both pool design and pool renovations.

Now that you’ve learned about these amazing pool ideas for custom water features, contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools to turn your existing swimming pool into your dream pool. Discover our other available pool options to continue creating your custom pool.

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