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Poolside Outdoor Structures

Does your poolside need shading or coverage for a retreat area? Consider adding a pavilion, cabana, pergola, or gazebo! The inground pool builders at Anthony & Sylvan Pools now offer customers comprehensive services that range from pool maintenance to poolside additions from our backyard offerings team.


This four-post structure is open-air and complete with a solid, angled roof. The traditional style will easily complement any home and pool.

This shade-providing structure is great for gathering family members on hot summer days or giving coverage during quick springtime rainstorms. The pavilion can withstand all four seasons, including up to 140 mph winds and 45 lbs. of snow per square foot.


Cabanas are completely enclosed, providing your family and friends the utmost privacy. They are excellent for hosting birthday parties, serving as private changing rooms, or as a quiet retreat from the pool for sleepy youngsters.

Cabanas come complete with sliding windows and screens, so you can add air-conditioning units or allow a natural cross breeze throughout the structure to keep cool during the hotter months of the year.


Pergolas expand outdoor living spaces and consist of an open roof, usually composed of beams crossing one another. This allows for filtered sunlight and protection from the elements. They also can be customized to fit the unique look of any outdoor space. Similar to the functionality of a trellis, pergolas work great for growing vines or climbing flower plants.


Usually in the shape of an eight-post octagon, this open-air structure is complete with a solid roof and offers customers traditional style that is ageless. Gazebos add a focus point to backyards and provide beautiful architecture to any poolside retreat.

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