Enhance Backyard Pool Area - Structures, Kitchens & More

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Backyard Offerings

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is happy to carry new backyard offerings for our inground pool customers. Whether you are ready to expand your backyard area from scratch or would like to enhance your deck with additional features, our backyard offerings are sure to provide safe, durable, and beautiful accompaniments your family can enjoy throughout the year.

Backyard Structures for Your Pool Area

Customizable backyard structures from Anthony & Sylvan Pools provide clients with additional features they never thought possible. Accessorize your poolside with gazebos, pavilions, cabanas, and other overhead structures.

Create a focal point or expand your outdoor living space with these elegant and stylish structures. Enjoy the overhead shade on hot, sunny days or watch a midsummers rainstorm under the shelter of your backyard structure. Regardless of the way you plan to use it, your outdoor living space is sure to gather family and friends year-round.

Outdoor Cooking Options in Your Backyard

Outdoor entertaining will be easier than ever when you bring your kitchen outside. Chefs and cooks no longer need to stay inside near a hot stove; Anthony & Sylvan’s outdoor kitchens, grills, brick ovens, fireplaces and fire pits allow everyone to socialize and cook in one area.

Lounge by the pool while waiting on the grill to heat up, roast s’mores over an open fire, or create a full dining experience with an outdoor kitchen. Brick ovens allow for outdoor pizza parties and homemade meals. Family and friends can gather year-round in your backyard with our fireplaces and intricate masonry.

Expand the use of your backyard and utilize the space throughout the entire year. Avoid heating up your home while enjoying the charm and setting of the outdoors. Our outdoor fire areas and cooking options are great additions to any pool side or open-air living area. All features are customizable to match your style and professionally installed for the safest use.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools About Enhancing Your Pool Area

Our backyard offerings can be customized to complement any style and taste. Most fixtures come in a variety of sizes and colors, and with different features. Anthony & Sylvan Pools also offers a variety of equipment, decking options, and custom features.

Whether you are interested in installing, renovating, or expanding your pool and outdoor living area, our pool experts can help. We provide clients with expert advice and installation. Schedule a consultation today: Contact Anthony & Sylvan online for more information about our backyard offerings.

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