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Pool Renovation Options for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Your pool is the pride of your backyard and a place for friends and family to gather and create memories together, so keeping it in top shape is important.

If your pool begins to show wear and tear, develops maintenance issues, or has a dated design that no longer reflects your tastes, it may be time to give it a makeover with am inground swimming pool renovation. Renovating your beloved inground pool is an easy way to fix these issues and create a space that your family can continue to love for years to come.

The renovation experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools want to help you fall in love with your pool again – even if they didn’t build it. Check out these five stylish and easy ideas to improve your inground pool!

Update Your Pool Finish

The finish of your pool is important for safety and sets the tone for the entire pool space. Old, cracked concrete or missing tiles can create an eyesore and make your pool feel uninviting.

New aggregate finishes make your concrete pool easier to maintain and come in a broad range of textures, from fine to coarse. They offer a myriad of beautiful color choices to show off your unique style and highlight the color of the water.

Install a Spa

Make your pool area more versatile and relaxing by installing a custom spa. Raised spas add more dimension to your design and can be enhanced with a spillway that soothes with the tranquil sound of running water.

They are an elegant addition to any backyard entertaining space and can be enjoyed by friends and family all year.

Light it Up!

Lights are an easy way to modernize the look of a pool. Cutting-edge LED underwater lights can illuminate your pool and make night swimming a safe and exciting possibility.

Lighting isn’t only limited to inside the perimeter of your pool – think outside of the box by using LED lighting to enhance Laminar jets or other water features for breathtaking water and light displays. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Add a Waterfall and Custom Landscaping

Turn your pool into a tropical lagoon with a natural rock waterfall. Whether you want a coursing torrent or relaxing trickle, waterfalls are a beautiful and organic focal point in your overall design.

Trees and planters complete the natural feel of the space and add a relaxing “hideaway” theme to your backyard. They also create an opportunity for you to cohesively blend your pool into the overall landscaping of your home in a natural way.

Update Your Pump and Filter

Upgrading your pool equipment makes maintenance easier and gives you more time to spend enjoying your new, updated pool. Old equipment may be outdated or inefficient, especially if it has never been replaced.

Consider upgrading your pool pump to a newer, more energy-efficient model such as a dual speed pump. Investing in a new filter can cut down on water usage which saves money and protects the environment.

See More Renovation Possibilities!

Check out our gallery of previous pool renovations to start brainstorming for your own pool makeover. Once you’ve dreamed up your ideal pool, fill out our online contact form to get in touch with an Anthony & Sylvan pool renovation specialist who can give you even more options for your personal pool renovation.

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