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Saltwater Pools and Spas for Your Backyard

Saltwater pools and spas are becoming more and more popular as a gentle alternative to their traditional chlorine-only counterparts. While chlorine pools are safe and effective, some people are sensitive to the amount of chlorine in traditional pool systems. Saltwater pools and spas help to offer a solution for chlorine sensitivities.

How Do Saltwater Pools and Spas Work?

Saltwater pool and spa systems use common salt to sanitize and disinfect pools. These systems convert salt into chlorine by splitting apart the sodium chloride in a process called electrolysis, which neutralizes algae and bacteria to keep pools and spas clean.

What are the Benefits of Saltwater Pools?

The popularity of saltwater pool systems isn’t just a recent trend. Saltwater pools and spas have been around since the 1930’s! These saltwater systems offer dozens of benefits, including:

  • Gentle on Eyes and Skin. Saltwater pools offer lower levels of chlorine. This helps keep people from experiencing chlorine’s drying effects on eyes, hair, and skin.
  • Constant Delivery of Cleansing Agents. Because saltwater pools convert salt into chlorine, these systems still deliver chlorine into the pool to help maintain cleanliness, but in a constant, low-level amount.
  • Less Chemicals Required. Saltwater pools don’t require pool owners to store or handle as much chlorine as traditional chlorine pools. The system turns salt into chlorine through electrolysis, eliminating the need for storing or handling pool chlorine.

Converting to Saltwater Pools and Spas

Already own a traditional chlorine system pool? Anthony & Sylvan offers saltwater conversions for current pool owners, to upgrade the way their pool handles chlorine. Our service technicians and pool builders can convert your current pool into a salt generator. Just visit one of our convenient locations and upgrade your pool to a saltwater chlorine system.

We do not endorse the use of saltwater systems with stone coping or any stone around the pool. Speak to one of our helpful team members about available coping and decking options, and what system is best for your backyard space.

Build Your Saltwater Pool with Anthony & Sylvan Today!

To get started on your own personal saltwater pool, request a free consultation with one of our expert pool builders to talk about our luxury pools and spas.

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