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Salt v. Chlorine

Sanitizing your pool is one of the most important things you’ll do to keep it clean and safe. You can choose between salt or chlorine systems. Our Design Consultant will review both methods so you fully understand and can decide which is best for you and your pool.

Chlorine Pool Systems

Chlorine is a powerful chemical most commonly associated with killing any germs or pathogens in a pool. This more traditional method dispels chlorine directly through a chlorinator or filter and is circulated through the water. Pool chlorinators offer an efficient and maintenance-free way to chlorinate your pool.

Salt Pool Systems

Salt systems are better if you or someone who is using the pool is sensitive to chlorine. This method uses salt as a disinfectant and converts common salt into chlorine, which acts to sanitize the pool water by neutralizing bacteria and algae. Salt systems are also commonly referred to as saltwater chlorination systems, salt chlorinators, and salt chlorine generators. Other chemicals may still be required to maintain the proper acid-alkaline balance.

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Saltwater Pools and Spas for Your Backyard

Not sure whether to go with a saltwater pool or a traditional chlorine system? Find out how saltwater pool systems work so your backyard pool can be clean and ready for swimming at all times!

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