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Customize Your Inground Pool with Pool Finishes

Choosing the right pool finish for your inground pool helps you customize it to your own specific design tastes.

What is the Purpose of a Pool Finish?

Your pool finish not only affects the design and look of your pool, it also keeps it watertight so it is more durable. It also acts as a barrier between your pool and the pool chemicals.

Types of Pool Finishes

To help choose the perfect finish for your pool, we will go over important things you should consider for your pool type, and give you an overview of the beautiful pool finishes available from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Concrete Pool Finishes

From the traditional white plaster, exotic lagoon finish with varying shades of blue, green and black, or an iridescent pearl finish, all of our concrete finishes are designed to not only sparkle and look great, but to make maintenance easy as well.

Plaster has been a popular finish for years, but new aggregate finishes offer an even broader selection of textures, from fine to coarse, and are available in a full rainbow of colors.

Fiberglass Pool Finishes

Whether you want a standard white gel finish, or something more custom for your fiberglass pool, we have an array of finishes that are not only durable and low maintenance, but also beautiful.

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